You presumably do a lot to get the outside of your house ready for cooler weather. There’s pro lawn care, raking and the list could go on and on. But there’s another aspect critical outside your house that many times gets ignored.

Your heat pump cools and heats throughout the summer and winter to keep your residence comfy. And all that hard work requires some thorough service to make sure it offers efficient, trouble-free comfort.

So, you might be thinking, how regularly should you work on your heat pump in Milwaukee? Is it needed if it’s new or running well? Let’s go over why heat pump maintenance is important and how frequently you should book it.

Why Heat Pump Service is Important

Your heat pump is crucial for keeping your family comfy during the year. With routine service, you’ll receive trouble-free comfort regardless of the temps. But if you neglect professional tune-ups, your heat pump can become dirty.

A heat pump that requires maintenance can suffer from decreased performance, which can make your heating and cooling bills bigger. It may even freeze over, interfering with your family’s comfort. You could even get left with an expensive repair bill that, in a lot of instances, could have been avoidable.

One of the most important pieces of service you can complete by yourself is putting in a clean air filter. If the filter gets too clogged, your heat pump could begin to switch off and on repeatedly, which is referred to as short cycling. Not only does this drive up your energy bills, it can also limit your heat pump’s life span as it’s on frequently.

If you choose a flat filter, our pros recommend installing a new one every month. If you choose a pleated filter, those usually last up to three months. An easy way to learn whether your filter should be replaced is by pulling it out and putting it under sunlight. If you don’t detect any light, it’s time to put in a new one.

However, how frequently you need to buy a new filter is contingent upon a couple of details: how constantly your heat pump is operating, if you have indoor animals and if anyone suffers from allergies. Our Done Right Air professionals can help if you are unsure how often you should replace your filter or what the right kind is for your home.

How Regularly You Should Get Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat pumps are different from air conditioners or furnaces, since they operate throughout the year. For that reason, we recommend scheduling heat pump maintenance in Milwaukee biannually, typically during the spring and fall.

That way, you’ll receive a boost on the cooling and heating seasons. And you’ll have time to do any necessary repairs done before you really need your heat pump. Regular service also keeps your manufacturer’s warranty in place, which is critical if your heat pump was recently purchased.

In addition to getting a clean air filter and keeping adequate space near your heat pump outside, we don’t recommend performing heat pump maintenance by yourself. Your heat pump is a complicated piece of equipment that should get help from a knowledgeable heating and cooling pro.

All our friendly Done Right Air professionals have completed comprehensive education to meet all needs. They’re also totally licensed and insured, which means your heat pump is in skilled hands.

Here is some of the work we’ll do on our tune-up visit:

  • Inspect your ducts, blower and indoor coil for dirt or other grit that can inpact heating and cooling.
  • Double-check proper refrigerant levels and look for any leaks.
  • Examine and secure electrical connections.
  • Oil motors and belts.
  • Evaluate complete heat pump operation for safety and outstanding heating and cooling.

This week is a great time to get your heat pump maintenance appointment with Done Right Air. Our pros are here to support you with energy-efficient, headache-free home comfort. Contact us at 414-207-4034 to request your appointment now, and don’t forget to browse at our offers for select discounts on your next maintenance appointment.